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All Exterior Soft and Power Washing is proudly owned professional SOFT & POWER WASHING Company specializing in **ALL EXTERIOR ** Residential & Commercial   cleaning 

We Pay Close Attention to Detail

All Exterior Soft and Power Washing owner operator with trained technician using latest technology,mix of water right chemicals and detergent, by cleaning and destroying MOLD AND MILDEW, we  MOLD AND MILDEW to enter your home and make your family sick . 

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

All Exterior Soft and Power Washing is constantly striving to build companies reputation and rating by providing exceptional service to HOMEOWNERS - BUSINESS OWNERS - PLANT MANAGERS. We take great pride to provide you with our references for all work we completed. Customer service  and experience is always our ultimately top priority.

Our Residential Services

Soft House Wash

All exterior Soft and Power Washing is using new technology called SOFT WASHING. With low pressure pump (pressure no grader than rain) we apply mix of bio degradable solution, detergent and water on your house siding  VINYL - STUCCO -  BRICK - STONE  surfaces.The HOUSE WASH removes dirt - mold - mildew and restore new look to your house.

Soft Roof Cleaning

Over the time roof can accumulate contaminants such as mold, algae and dirt. By spreading and digging roots in your FIBERGLASS or WOOD CEDER SHINGLES harmful growth of mold, algae and moss roof shingles deteriorate and make costly roof replacement.Our non pressure SAFE SOFT WASH  chemical pump that controls the exact mixture and dilution of chemicals, with good of volume output , a controlled sprayer and of course skilled operator will remove mold, algae,  moss and all those black dirty ugly streaks from algae and mold. That Safe Soft Wash  will not damage roof shingles what so ever and WILL NOT VOID any of manufacture WARRANTIES

Roof Cleaning Process

All exterior soft and power washing pays great attention to clients personal property and landscape. We will take precautions for landscaping as to make sure they are safe and minimize any excess run of chemicals. Most of time , we can safely clean your roof from a ladder or the ground with out ever walk all over your roof !!

Not only can we effectively clean you to make it look new again, we ca offer this service with INSTANT RESULTS! Yes, that's right .... we will have your roof looking NEW again before we leave your driveway ! 

Some instances with heavy moss growth may  require multiple treatments and months of killing the roots and spores

!!! Gutter !!! Cleaning and Brightening

Debris,Mold & Mildew, can cause many problems with gutters. Clog and block your downspouts leads to possible leaky basements. Water not draining properly can cause ceiling and interior wall damage and MOLD & MILDEW build up. We remove all debris and rinse downspouts.We also do gutter brightening by applying professional cleaning solution designed to break down chemicals and dirt restoring new shiny look. 


Brick And Stone Pavers

 Bricks usually are left uncleaned for decades. MOLD  slowly attacks porous surface of brick and mortar.Those dirty and MOLDY bricks are health treat to your family and your pets. Walking over MOLDED bricks you bring Mold with your shoes inside  your house.

  ALL  EXTERIOR POWER WASHING SERVICE will clean and destroy Mold and prevent further spread health Hazard and also restore NEW look to bricks and stones will bring  value up for your house.   


Concrete Cleaning

Tired of looking of dirty, discolored concrete on your property ??? 

ALL EXTERIOR SOFT AND POWER WASHING, concrete  cleaning equipment washes away all mold,dirt, mildew,stains and debris.


Wooden Decks Porches and Fences

Some  of most valuable investment on  your property include wooden decks, fences and porches. Dirt, mildew and mold are most common treat to unclean and neglected Wood and prolong rotting the wood. Our equipment knowledge and experience will remove dirt , mold, mildew and will stop further deterioration  of wood and prevent  expensive repairs or in worst case  replacement of deck fence or porch.

We Also CLEAN and WASH

  • Ceder Wood  ROOF  Shingles
  • Ceder Wood SIDING Shingles
  • Vinyl Fences & Awnings
  • Driveways - Walkways & Sidewalks
  • Garages - Car Ports - Utility Buildings
  • Stone Walls & Patios
  • Steps & Porches
  • Swimming Pool Deck Areas
  • Most Services Include MOLD and   MILDEW Treatment
  • We CAN ALSO seal or paint any cleaned surface

Our Commercial Services

Building Soft &Power Washing


Concrete Cleaning


Oil Stains / Spills


Dumpster and Used Oil Container Areas


Wooden Or Vinyl Fences

We Also Service

  • Multi - Unit Properties
  • Apartments - Condos - Townhouses
  • Schools And Churches
  • Shopping Centers
  • Stand Alone  Stores
  • Gas  / Service Stations
  • Low Rise Office Buildings
  • Convenience Stores
  • Banks & More !!

Our Service Area

New Jersey Counties We Serve With Pride

  • Burlington county
  • Camden County 
  • Middlesex County
  • Somerset County 

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